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European and Indian Language Classes,
Tuitions, Tutors, Interpreters, and Translators.

Gain from being personally taught, one-o-one
Learn from a qualified teacher with considerable teaching experience !!!

TO A EUROPEAN LANGUAGE and vice versa!!!

French, Spanish Classes
Spanish, French Tuitions
Italian, Portuguese Classes
Portuguese, Italian Tuitions
Brazilian Portuguese Classes
Brazilian Portuguese Tuitions
Hindi, Marathi Classes
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English Tuitions for IELTS
English Classes for TOEFL
English Tuitions for TOEFL.
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Ms. Sandra Pais
102, Marble Palace
210/211 Pali Market Road Bandra,
Mumbai 400050
Tel: 0091 22 26405604
Tel: 0091 22 26406291
E.Mail sandra4ever2016@gmail.com
E.Mail sanclare@vsnl.net

Sandra Pais - Education



B. A. Honors in French, through Sophia College, University of Mumbai.
Additional Subjects; English & Psychology.

B. Ed from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education, Mumbai with 1st class, specialized in English & French


Qualified in advanced Spanish with distinctions through Instituto Hispania.


Took up Italian in the 70’s. An exemplary performance earned me a scholarship to the Perugia University, Italy.


Studied Portuguese with effective guidance from a PhD, who is highly proficient in this language

Sandra Pais - Qualifications

Teaching Experience

Immediately after college refused secretarial jobs with Air France, and the Belgian Consulate to instead teach French at a leading elite private school at Peddar Road as a high school teacher.

To me, it was love the languages you’ve learnt, and convey that love by teaching to others; all else was secondary

30 years teaching, in both academic & spoken French, and years of teaching experience in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.30 years teaching, in both academic & spoken French, and years of teaching experience in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and English.

Work Experience

Over 25 years, communication experience par excellence,
Worked in both Private and Public Sector, designated as a Branch Manager of a leading Public Sector bank, and was also the Editor of their every year award winning monthly in-house journal.


Sandra Pais - Language Philosophy

Language Philosophy

Quite understandably the learning of any foreign language is a long journey if one has to develop the ability to emphasize the very best aspects of the language. Yet after contributing to a student’s eye opening experience, as I stand back and survey students as people being empowered by their ability to think, and thereafter communicate effectively, brings its own rewards which are substantially rich and especially gratifying when some revert to resume higher levels of learning the same language, or another foreign language.

Sandra Pais - Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques

Cater to students, professionals, businessmen needing flexitime and personalized attention. In the interest of more effective learning the maximum number of students taught together in not more than four, that too given homogeneity.

Mastery of a foreign language is not an easy challenge. To uphold academic standards, as a good teacher I take up this challenging task, which pre-supposes mastery over two languages, the language of origin & the foreign language taught. I strive to help students learn the language through Direct and Indirect Methods, Written and Oral Practice/ Assignments. Yet I expect hard work from the students as It requires significant effort on their part to master a mix of six skills, reading, listening, understanding, memorizing, speaking, and writing.

Sandra Pais- Students Profile

Student's Profile

Includes upwardly mobile professionals, businessmen etc. needing a foreign language as a vital communication input, job seekers exploring employment opportunities abroad.

Also teaching students on the threshold of higher education, those appearing for SSC, ICSC, IGCSC, IB, Jr/Sr. College levels from leading private schools.

Students from corporates: Air India, Citibank, Godrej International, Mahindra, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Gitanjali Jewels.

Students heading to foreign universities in: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France, Switzerland, Singapore

Students from elite schools: American School, Insead Paris, Ecole Mondiale, Singapore International, Raffles Institute, Bangalore International, Dhirubhai Ambani International, Bombay Scottish, Campion, Podar International, Podar CBSE, Jamnabhai IGCSE, Avabhai Petit.

Students from elite colleges: IIT, St. Xavier’s, St. Andrews, Sophia, Narsee Monjee, Mithibhai, Ruparel, Jaihind, National, M.M.K., K.C., and Thadoomals.

Students of foreign nationalities: French, Belgian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Arab, Iranian.

Students from consulates

Sandra Pais - Credits

Featured in West Side Plus of the Times of India. Have at times, been called upon to feature on TV by leading channels like CNN IBN & Headlines Today, yet humbly declined, as I always choose to maintain a low profile.